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Our Mission

5A is a system of integrated kindergarten to college and career pathways designed to reverse the impacts of trauma while promoting holistic wellness in students and their ecosystems.

Our Vision

Our schools and communities are able to engage, equip, and empower youth to be the catalysts for change in themselves, their families, and in their communities - ultimately filling the world with diverse, educated, responsible 21st century leaders who actively create the world in which they want to live. 

Our Core Values


21st century leaders hold themselves and others to a reasonable standard of excellence and regularly seek feedback and guidance from trusted sources.


21st century leaders understand the importance of living a balanced life, concerned with the development of the whole person.


21st century leaders are effective collaborators, aware of the rich resources present within their schools, teams, families and communities.


21st century leaders know how to use the positive potential of change, knowing that seemingly small actions can have significant impact.


21st century leaders recognize the importance of bringing out the best in others through consistency, commitment, discipline and transparency.

Our Team

Nathaniel M. Brown

Chief Executive Officer

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Jessica N. Brown

Chief  Wellness Officer

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Lamia Tabassum

Digital Instructor and Global Strategist

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Rebecca Gardner


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Elliott Lewis

Production Specialist

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James Wright

Multi-Media Team

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Jerel Webster 

Multi-Media Team

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Nyil Dorsey

Life Coach

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