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The Power of

Sport Education

We Are 5A!

5A is a trauma informed social impact organization designing high impact, evidence based student development systems that deliver relief, restoration and advancement to under resourced students, schools and communities. At our core, 5A leverages sport and play to inspire student leadership, social innovation and community impact for athletes and non athletes alike.

Our model amplifies what students enjoy most and aligns those passions with systems and processes that inspire lifelong learning, accelerate active and engaged leadership and identifies achievable student success pathways that help them thrive beyond the field of play. We believe that a properly facilitated sport education and leadership model has the power to inspire healthy, holistic lifestyle practices and should teach student athletes to leverage their love for sport and play as a vehicle for improving their overall quality of life and wellbeing. Our desire is that student athletes emerge from our programs with increased self confidence, greater perceived ability, increased intrinsic motivation, and greater self esteem.

5A Elite Youth Empowerment has been supporting students and student athletes with high quality youth empowerment programming since 2008. In addition to our academic, athletic, and awareness programming, we also facilitate youth led social change and innovation initiatives that work to reverse the impact of trauma, promote holistic wellness, and effectively address various social determinants of health impacting students the most.  


At 5A, we don't just produce winners on the field of play; we produce champions in the game of life. and we are on a mission to establish ourselves as a national model, becoming one of the nation's leaders in designing and facilitating high impact student athlete development experiences.


Welcome to 5A!


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