Our Story

At 5A Elite, we have over 15 years experience designing, coordinating, and supporting trauma-infused student development programs and initiatives that provide academic, athletic, and awareness supports; including personal, social, and career development opportunities for coaches and student athletes.

The 5A Program Model


  • 5A is an educational readiness program in which young people receive on-site training in basic sport management, sport medicine, sport science, and sport entertainment skills at least 40% of their time in the program from qualified interns and instructors. These training sessions eventually lead to university style preparatory learning tracks that will give youth an advantage with a continued focus on potential sport related majors and certifications.


  • 5A is an extended studies academy in which young people spend at least 40% of their time pursuing academic goals in highly individualized settings, which may include remedial math and reading workshops. The academics in a 5A program complement and build on skills that young people may have already acquired, as well as skills that may need extra attention. We believe that in many cases, it is critically important to travel backwards and reclaim basic skills and competencies in order to journey forward with renewed confidence, strength and motivation.


  • 5A is a holistic development program in which young people participate in peer support groups, life-planning processes, and team building activities that assist them in healing from past hurts, overcoming negative habits and attitudes, and pursuing SMART goals that will help them establish a firm foundation towards living a productive life. 

  • 5A is a leadership development program in which young people share in the continued development and governance of their own programs and initiatives and participate actively in community affairs, learning the values and the lifelong commitment needed by effective and ethical community leaders.

  • 5A is a community transformation program, in which young people build meaningful relationships with community residents, businesses, and organizations, obtaining the resources necessary to tackle several key community issues affecting young people, strengthening their capacity to build and manage collective power, educate and inspire other youth, create leadership for the future, and generally take responsibility for their futures.

and so much more...