5A’s curriculum is designed to be transformational in that it cultivates motivated young people to take ownership of the issues that face their communities and helps them develop the skills to affect change. We have received full organizational certification through Trauma-Informed Excellence (TIE). Our students apply social-emotional concepts, become conscious of their choices, and take responsibility for their actions – all skills that are desirable in work and in community leadership. We facilitate programs and initiatives in partnership with students in grades 6-12 and we indirectly impact students in grades 3-5 via peer teaching facilitated by high school students. This means young people and often, their whole families, gain the ability to process and channel their experiences into productive positive change while learning skills to succeed as leaders in our communities and in business. Our programs enable them to grow and prosper both economically and personally.

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Early Excellence Institute

The Early Excellence Learning Institute is a hybrid homeschool curriculum families can use at home along with Family Wellness coaching. 

Peacebuilder Institute

This Institute for Social Change and Sustainable Solutions addresses issues of violence, disharmony, and chaos in local schools and communities by promoting peace.

Sport Management Institute

This Institute focuses on the practice and business of Sports as both a career path and a leadership catalyst for youth.

Social Impact Labs

A youth business ecosystem which hosts Design Challenges open to all, a team-based student accelerator focused on one of two tracks: nonprofit social service or for profit entrepreneurship.