Holistic Wellness

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The Art and Science of Healing

While many students face sudden and acute shocks that leave them scrambling to pick up the pieces, the overwhelming majority of students we've encountered are experiencing deeper rooted stressors associated with generational and historical trauma. To this, we apply cutting-edge research in order to create programs, initiatives and specialized life coaching that works to reverse trauma's impact on the brain and to activate holistic wellness in urban youth and their environments. 

Don't just live...live WELL!

Through our model, the journey toward transformation leads through seven Health and Wellness areas: spiritual, social, environmental, intellectual, emotional, physical, and occupational. These areas are founded on the original model developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI) in 1976. Based on 5A Elite's extensive knowledge and work in the health and wellness arena, Dr. Hettler's model has been adapted and customized for relevance to the specific needs of the children, families and youth we serve, as well as our qualified and dedicated staff who carry out the work.

Evidenced Based Practice

We at 5A Elite are growing our capacity to better engage, equip and empower our staff and participants through knowledge and practical implementation processes that facilitate healing and growth at all levels of development.


​Coldspring Center's most popular training, the Trauma Informed Excellence® (TIE) Series encompasses cutting-edge research related to trauma's impact on the brain and human development, self-care, and leadership. The TIE Series is a truly innovative approach to aligning knowledge and practice with recent developments in neurobiology, human performance, leadership, genetics, and psychology.