"The only thing constant is CHANGE"

The PeaceBuilders Youth Fellowship for Social Change

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Youth Voice. Youth Choice.
Youth Power.

Young people want to be engaged as change-makers in their own lives, their families, schools and in their communities. Because they are disproportionately involved in and impacted by the problems that beset their communities—they must become part of the solution. We assist in employing these skills to alter power relationships and create meaningful change. Simply stated, we teach students to draw upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systematic reasoning to better explore possibilities of what could be—and to actually create the desired conditions of safer cities and thriving communities. 

What Is The Fellowship?

The PeaceBuilders Youth Fellowship for Social Change is a unique opportunity designed for those students who are passionate about social justice, community engagement, and meaningful service. Cohorts of middle school students assemble to engage in workshops, trainings and real-world experiences that combine design thinking, civic engagement, trauma infused holistic wellness, and transformational leadership development in order to design and launch youth driven social change initiatives.

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What else...

The PeaceBuilders Institute for Social Change engages the young people most affected by systemic inequities, providing a platform where students gain access to the people, places, positions and processes that affect and govern their daily lives. Fellows will create and live into a holistic and revolutionary vision of power, peace, voice and change. The Youth Fellowship for Social Change is funded by The Pittsburgh Foundation.