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Academic Enrichment

The Academy for the Advancement of Academics Athletics and Awareness

academic support staff...

Academic Extra Point: The journey to becoming a college-bound student-athlete must be supported with proper knowledge of NCAA Eligibility Center rules, regulations, requirements, and guidelines. We design individualized student success plans, academic reports and assessments, as well as provide virtual drop in tutoring opportunities and a more in-depth understanding of the factors affecting academic progression in order to give your student athlete a greater chance of academic success and ultimately, increasing their chances of earning college scholarships. Because core course maintenance is an integral part of the process, we track student-athletes from youth league to high school, ensuring necessary credits for graduation while helping them to increase their GPA. 

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We offer WORLD CLASS  learning opportunities for advanced study...

OverTime Extended Studies is designed to prepare student athletes for further academic study by introducing them to potential careers throughout the sporting industry. Our student athletes not only grow in their knowledge of the many academic disciplines contained within the culture of sport, they become inspired in new and innovative ways through a number of hands-on enrichment experiences which include college style preparatory learning tracks including... 

  • Sport Management

  • Sport Medicine

  • Sport STEAM

                                            and much more...​

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