Athletic Enhancement

The Academy for the Advancement of Academics Athletics and Awareness

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We offerUNIQUELY DESIGNED  sport clubs to meet your program needs...

We partner with school districts and community sport leagues/associations to design and coordinate sport related academic enrichment clubs that are both fun and engaging; yet focused on supporting the total student athlete development process as it relates to the correlation between academics, athletics, and awareness.


Here's how it works. Program partners choose from a menu of pre-arranged program offerings which allow them an opportunity to co-design their own in school / out of school time experience with us. When they don't see what they're looking for, we create it. This ensures adherence to the model while leaving space for iterative processes that personalize the learning opportunities for each of our individual partners in order to best support their unique student athlete, coaching and/or administrative needs. 

We deploy PROVEN STRATEGIES to optimize student athlete performance...

ZeroGround Sport Specific Training takes into account the many student athletes who are either unable or unwilling to pay the high fees commonly associated with personal trainers. We also consider  that most equipment just isn’t suitable for the age, weight and individual levels of strength. Through ZeroGround, we erase the roadblocks, barriers, and boundaries commonly associated with athletic training by incorporating the most unique, research proven youth training exercises to help your student athletes stay healthy while getting BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER and SMARTER.



"Zero Ground is the nucleus of our athletic empowerment because it allows 5A coaches an opportunity to build year-round relationships with youth regardless of league or school competition."


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We apply CUTTING  EDGE research to create healthier student athletes...

The Healthy Seeds Initiative is designed to convey information concerning the student athlete's role in establishing a healthy lifestyle as well as a sense of responsibility about that role as they increase their knowledge of how healthy foods are grown, prepared, and the effects that these foods have on their bodies. We couple this with our proprietary speed, agility, strength and conditioning programs in order to produce physically fit youth while decreasing the risk for many health related diseases and illnesses. 

  • Healthy Seeds Meal Table

  • Healthy Hip Hop Aerobics

  • Personalized Nutrition Notebook

                                            and much more...​